Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tor's Family Bonanza

On July 8, Tor boarded his first flight ever as he and I headed to California for Christina's bridal shower. I now know for sure that God sympathizes with solo-baby-wrangling mothers, because the seat next to us was empty on the way there, and we got bumped up to first class on the way back. Tor was a trouper on both flights, nursing on takeoff and landing to prevent ear pressure, playing with the seat belt for a good half-hour, taking a nap in the sling, and offering up a wet, but not dirty, diaper. Stylish.

The weekend was absolutely packed with family time: Christina's shower on Saturday, a pizza party afterward, a visit from Grandma Charmaine and Grandpa Chooch on Sunday, and Chinese food with the Karpluses Sunday night. This made for a lot of good pictures.

Interrupting the bride's beauty rest 
Grandson trumps coffee! (Mom, I'm sure you're thrilled I'm putting this out there.)
"This is not the Tor you're looking for"
First encounter with Mormor...
...and the first four-generation photo

Shaking hands with Morfar
Seems he'd already gotten to Laura's name tag by this point
"Consider yourself a Karplus, kid"
The center of attention--and loving it

Norm and Charmaine hadn't seen the munchkin since January 10--at just two weeks old--so we were all thrilled that they could make it over to Orinda for the day!
It was a good thing Grandpa Chooch remembered his croakies
The best attempt I've seen so far to make this hat look cool

Below, Grandma Charmaine gets some good lovin' in at the Karplus house and then at the Andersens'.


To wrap it up, here's my Grandma with the Torito, and another four-generation shot. Thanks for hosting us, Grandma!
I give Grandma mad props for having SEVEN of these

Friday, July 8, 2011

Daddy's Home!

Lars got back from Spain just before bedtime, to Tor's great delight.

He (Lars, not Tor) returned desperately wanting to smoke some ribs, so we had a few people over.

Lars's stunt double, Joe

Passed out in the heat
Keeping it tasteful
With Madeline in her hot-weather jumper
In other news this week, Tor thinks he's an airplane. And I keep trying to get candid pictures of him in the pose, but he sees me coming with the camera and starts hamming.

Later, he knocked this poster tube onto his head and screamed about it

As you can see, he's moving all over the place. No more setting him down on the blanket and going to the bathroom. Now the only safe places are the crib and the playpen.

Drool monster!
"Lord of the Rings Risk?! You guys are NERDS!"

Tor and I are about to fly to San Francisco for Christina's bridal shower, where we'll see all manner of relatives! I wanted to get this post out now, since I anticipate that for the next one, I'll have lots of pictures from the weekend. Wish us luck in the air!!