Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

I'm waaay behind on my posting, but that's going to be the name of the game until early April. Two weeks ago we hosted a play date for Tor, Sonia, Madeline, and Owen. Here are a few of the better pictures:

Sharing like a champ

"Blast, those tenacious mamas are still on our tail!"
"Tor and Sonia sitting in a tree..."
Post-playdate crash
Before all the snow melted, I took Tor into our slushy backyard to play a little frisbee with Dendro and enjoy some sunshine. He immediately tasted the goods.

"Ah yes, this patch has a nice canine bouquet"
Then he abandoned all pretense at refinement.
Fortunately, you can't see his jaw unhinging from this angle

Just like his old man, minus the hair
At this point, his gloves were totally soaked, so I gathered him up to great protest. I'm guessing this is our last Minnesota snow, though, so I'm glad to have snapped a few shots of Tor enjoying it in our backyard.

Vamanos afuera!

A couple snaps from day care and I'll call it good for this week:
Mango shark
Two things that should never be paired: breast milk and Texans gear

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Busy

Sometimes, when we're at the store or the park or church or daycare or out to eat, people who meet Tor say, "He's so smiley!" This usually gets followed by, "And he's very busy, isn't he?" Congratulations to these people. In two adjectives, they have crystallized Tor at fourteen months. A case in point: the pictures below were taken within a ten-minute window. Before I got exhausted and put down the camera.

"NOW I remember why this was in the laundry"

"High five, birdies"

Wreaking havoc with the food chain
A fourteen-month finger is exactly the size of a very hungry caterpillar
"What's in here?"
"What's in here?
"What's in here?"

"I believe in zooming through 100 words before breakfast"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out, In, Up, Down

Our super-awesome day care providers sent us some more Tor pics, which I now pass on to you. We had a big, wet, slushy snowstorm last week, and then it warmed up dramatically, so the kids have been getting outside playtime. Tor is rocking some tiny rain pants and a hat from Oma and Opa, boots from Erik and Heather, and a jacket from Ben and Jen. Shout-outs and thanks to y'all!

Very serious business, strolling

We thought we'd get more sledding in this winter, but
it's been bone dry. Glad he's enjoying limited exposure, at least!

One-Tor open sleigh

The verdict on el mono de nieve: fascinating but a little freaky

While inside, Tor and his contemporary/best friend Dominic have been loving hide and seek with two-year-old Jaiza. She ensconces herself in the slipcover and they try to crush her.
"Fair warning: while I'm down here, I may steal your socks"

Eighteen-month-old Luisa has taken a shine to Tor and often pulls him onto her lap to cuddle. He looks into it, if you ask me.

Future luge team?
He continues to try new foods and eat a lot. Which is great. Fatten that kid up! Speaking of "up," Tor now uses the word to indicate, "I want to run around." This can confuse people when he utters it while being held (and thus elevated), since "up" then means "down." Just the beginning of a lifetime of daring semantic play, I anticipate.
Buttered toast: as seen in Dr. Seuss