Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Karpluses do Oxford

December 16! More than eight weeks since Col's birthday. While Col was turning two, we were hosting Oma and Opa for two long weekends in a row (they hopped over to Denmark for three days in between), an experience which yielded more pictures than I've had a chance to winnow down until now! So here you have it: the top 20 photographs (not to be confused with the top lived experiences) of the visit.

The simple joy of a plasma ball

Opa brought a whiffle ball and bat all the way from Oregon

Sitting on Opa while Opa sits for him

Post-Col-bedtime big kid activity

Rage punting

Punting destination: lunch at a pub accessible only by boat, foot, or bike

Curry, England's favourite food

Opa just before taking an unplanned dip into the Thames

This is what privileged childhood looks like

Off to school!

First ride of the day at Legoland Windsor

Yep, my dad is the dad who takes photos of the photos at theme parks

Lumberjack and Ninja enthroned

One of Col's 18 merry-go-round rides

About to go up the tower

"Let me get that camel for you, sir"

One of Col's 18 merry-go-round rides

Human dryer after a river ride