Sunday, March 19, 2017

Almost to the Equinox

Having the following conversations with the boys today reminded me that it's been a while since I've recorded anything they've done, so:

Looking at drawings of superheroes that Tor invented
Col: Mummay! This one is you.
Me: Who's it meant to be, Tor?
Tor: [checks] That's Mustache Girl.
Col: So Mummay, it can be you!

In the car 
Tor: Why do some restaurants have Christmas lights out? Is it Christmastime now?
Me: Sometimes people hang lights up just to look fancy, not for a holiday.
Tor: Holiday lights are only certain colors though.
Me: Like what color would Halloween lights be?
Tor: Halloween lights could be red or orange, or any fire color. Or purple. Or black.
Me: Black lights would be hard to see though.
Tor: They would have to be black with white. Like piano lights. Or checkerboard lights.

Here's a photo dump of the last three months, most notably including skiing in Austria with godparents Josh and April and what the British call a "mini-break" with the Fox-Iredale clan in the Cotswolds. Also: Tor and Col got super short haircuts because I was sick of their bangs always growing into their eyes faster than any other bits got too long and I went a little overboard in briefing the barber.

The one shot we got at a full family photo ON SKIS

Saddest part is that's maybe the best thing you can say about the guy

Absolutely killed his first season ever...

...especially when it came to taking food breaks

Lars is now perma-hunched

Capturing the flood snowpants and plaid longjohns

In the gondola heading down from lunch

The vacation apartment featured shaggy cows!

Back in Oxford, immediately following their scalping

Pit stop while fairy-seeking

Someone was excited

Rainy day: doing this puzzle for the third time straight

Menfolk relaxing I

Menfolk relaxing II

Poor Dad, squinting without those sunglasses

Discovering Birdland, the Cotswolds' hidden gem

Naturally Birdland featured a full-on dinosaur discovery section


Don't worry, I was definitely spotting them while taking this picture

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