Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Eleven-Month Birthday!

The sprout is outgrowing his clothes at a manic pace this month. I made another pants run at the beginning of November, but he's already down from seven pairs to five. More than ever before, I am thankful for thrift stores.

"Dang, you got to the camera first...this time."

For Tor's first Thanksgiving, we went over to our friends Dave and Lindsay's. The day started out with brunch at 10:00 and continued with a walk at noon and dinner around 6:00. The weather was unseasonably warm, so Tor got to play in the yard. Basically, we ate a lot, enjoyed ourselves all around, and reflected on the great many reasons we have to be thankful this year.
Switching out the droolguard for a food bib
Ready to tackle the turkey

The fist pump indicates successful conclusion of the meal

Scrubbed of his mashed potato beard

Falling victim to the postprandial slump

Our friend Aaron (Madeline's dad) had to work on Thanksgiving, so the day afterward we went over to their house for pizza. Madeline has this great set of wooden foods that are segmented and held together with velcro, allowing kids to "cut" through them. Tor played with the food for a little while but then took to wielding the knife for its own sake.

Future sushi chef or serial killer? (What do you mean, false dichotomy?)

Yukking it up with Madeline

Diapers for all!

New skills this month include properly using toys that require him to insert one part into another, chucking toys out of his high chair onto the floor repeatedly and complaining until we give them back, eating small pieces of meat instead of meat purees, and standing while holding onto furniture and then bending over to pick something up without collapsing. No words yet...maybe he's holding out to give me "mama" for Christmas.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Waiting for Winter

The temperatures here stayed in the balmy forties until yesterday, when we were greeted by a 15-degree morning. Tor got some new fleece gloves (well, new to him) after outgrowing his nifty Nordic knit pair--and these velcro on! 
Houdini Jr. soon figured out how to take them off
with his teeth, though, so I'll probably just
sew all his sleeves shut.
On Sunday morning, Tor made the pancake-preparation process even more enjoyable than usual with his turtle tossing and Moby dancing.

Obviously what we're in for
Evenings usually consist of picking up Tor at 5:00, getting home at 5:20 and nursing, then playing until dinner at 6:30, then playing until bedtime at 8:00. Thank heavens someone invented the slow cooker. We're working our tails off, but it's full steam ahead for spring defenses, so keep your fingers crossed that you'll address next Christmas's cards to "Drs. Hansen & Hansen."

Barber, baby, bubbles, and a bumblebee: only one of these appears here
"You worry too much, Mother. I won't be nearly this rakish once I hit puberty."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fotos de Torsten

We recently got two emails from other people with pictures of Tor that I thought I'd share. The first is from Oct. 1, and features him banging pots in our friend's kitchen. The second two are from our daycare providers and were taken last week (their email subject line is the title of this post).

Busted as he ran off to join the German army, circa 1942
Who's the cutest one of all?