Thursday, August 22, 2013


A lot of good times cracking up at Tor lately. I'm sure they're much funnier as I experience them than as I describe them, but hey, at least interspersing them with the pictures here will help ME remember.

(Scene: While walking into day care, we saw a neighbor outside.)
Tor: Who's that?
Lars: That's Sonia's neighbor.
Tor: What's his name? Maybe Bob? (Our next-door neighbor is Bob.)
Me: Maybe. It'd be funny if we both had neighbors named Bob.
Tor: Or maybe SpongeBob?

Our friends Anna and Joe gave us tickets to the California Academy of Sciences. The aquarium and earth exhibits were hits, and there was even a free concert outside.
The one-fingered starfish caress

Lars finally learned about Earth's mantle

Snug in his berth

Post-science ice cream

(Scene: Dinner)
Me: Tor, would you like to say grace for us tonight?
Tor: Okay. (Holds our hands and closes his eyes) Grace.

Nick encouraging Tor to follow in Lars's footsteps

No longer an option with Mama

In the time it took me to text this photo to Lars,
he wet the undies

(Scene: We forgot to bring diapers to the beach and realized it after Tor was diaperless in his swim trunks.)
Lars: Tor, do you think you can hold it until we get home?
Tor: Hold what?
Lars: Hold your pee and poop inside your body.
Tor: Hmm. Okay. I can.
(In the car)
Lars: Now Tor, remember that you can't pee or poop yet, because you don't have a diaper on.
Tor: Do I still have a penis?

All aboard!
Gearing up for years of therapy

(Scene: Lars's parents' house.)
Charmaine (from other room): LARS!

Taking a break from the sun

The littlest cupcake warrior

Teacups and teapot not pictured
Ephemeral art with Uncle Caleb
(Scene: Another dinner)
Me: So after baby brother is born, we're going to go stay at Ah-Bee and Pakka's house for a while.
Lars: And then we'll move to a new house in England.
Tor: And then we can move to outer space! (pause) But it might be dark there.

A favorite Saturday-morning activity is toddler time at Ardenwood Farm, about a mile from our place. Oma accompanied us on a recent visit.
If only human babies were as independent at four months

"MOM, that chicken bit me."

After feeding the chicken's eggs to Wilbur the pig,
Tor freshened up his mud pit.

"Now I can step on them?"
The popsicles themselves were all the same, but the choice of hilt did not come easily
Days later: "Remember Auntie Em brought SO MANY PRESENTS?!"

Despite his begging, we didn't let Tor eat the fish head

(Scene: Bedtime, reading a book of maxims illustrated with fish.)
Me: "Appreciate art. It's all around you." (Shows Tor a picture of several fish looking at a fish in a frame)
Tor: Who painted that fish?
Me: Hmm. Maybe another fish?
Tor: Maybe a fish with hands?