Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nine Months Old

What hasn't Col done this past month! Here are some of the highlights:
  • Cut not one--not two--not three--but FOUR teeth! We are talking full beaver over here. He's started to nip a little bit, at which point the soda fountain gets shut.
  • Started pulling himself up to standing using furniture, legs, step stools, and especially boxes, given that we've just moved to a new house. I love seeing the toes on his flat, fat baby feet grip as he struggles for purchase.
  • Taken his inaugural journey in the bike trailer, cutting our commute time to and from day care by two thirds
  • Weathered his second round-trip transatlantic flight with aplomb, earning himself the praise of fellow travelers in both directions
  • Visited both sets of grandparents and assorted friends
  • Expanded his solid food repertoire to include chicken, beef, and pork, as well as several more kinds of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and carbohydrates

Enjoying his new backyard--that's right, the back gate opens into this park
No idea of the speed he's in for

"This must be MY box!"

This is the face of hero worship

Dad on double duty

Another day, another picnic

And Dad is out for the count

I have a slew of lovely vacation pictures to post when I can steal the time. What the blog really needs is for Lars to take a trip so I have no one to hang out with after the kids go to bed. I'll try to be more diligent this month lest I amass more photos than I can reasonably sort through for one post!