Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seems so long ago...

You know you're delinquent at updating your blog when all your posts start with comments on how long it's been since your last post. This is a new record for me, though--nearly four months. Turns out I had the below draft sitting from June, and most of the pictures are from May, so this is a little outdated, but to be followed with pictures from later summer. (We just got back from 2.5 weeks in the US and are collating photos from multiple sources! Also, Tim and Caitlin came to visit us!)

Scene: Bedtime
Me: OK, I'm going to put on some music for you.
Tor: What is the music about?
Me: It's just piano music.
Tor: Is it about somebody kicking people?

Scene: After school
Tor: Do you know what we're going to make in our class?
Me: What?
Tor: Tea towels. Each class is going to make one and we're going to put our pictures on them. So I drew a picture of my face. The teachers will put it on the towel and print it out. And you can buy one because they'll be for sale.
Me: Sounds like a good project. We will definitely buy one if they're for sale.
Tor: And Mrs. Varpur said they last forever, too.

Tor's final school presentation? Put a bird on it!

We went on a hike with our Cambridge-based buddies the Lascus to celebrate Ioana's and my shared birthday. It was the one day of the year that it snowed.

Off to catch dinner

Even better!

Practicing for his Jungle Book audition

I have no idea where this hat came from. Seriously

Playing hairdresser in the tub

Lars and Tor put together Tor's first robotics project, complete with Tor accompanying DaDa to the store to pick out all the necessary bits and pieces. This was notably also Tor's first soldering project.
The result: a teeny scorpion that turns to keep moving whenever it walks into a wall. So basically a Roomba. 

A rare moment of unity when waiting for the bus

"Driving" said bus

Brace yourself, Col

Teddy bear tea--sans parental prompting

Post-tea-party parallel Lego play

"Sun's out, guns out" was actually Oxford Castle's original motto


Spotted: on a treasure hunt at after-school club

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